Norbert Strippel
Born on March 6th, 1964 in Bad Wildungen, Germany. Works as an artist since 1983. 1986 - 90 engineer – studies (Dipl. Ing.). Since 1988 development of the series “art goes mathematic”. Since 2003 member of the worldwide artist group “Webists”.

Art goes Mathematics – Computer graphics between tension of science and art

There is a fable in the wonderland of digital computer art, and it enchants the knowing and the unknowing, believer and non believer. This fable says: one day, when we just persistently digitalize the world and with the help of the computer have brought into view, then we will discover in the beauty of the pictures something that was lost and forgotten in the long epoch of civilization.
We will rediscover the secret of the world, the magic of the beginning and the mystery of originality. Of all, the digital art sees what stayed hidden to the enlightened view: the invisible behind the visible, the order behind the chaos and the timeless in space and time.
The essential feature of art by Norbert Strippel is the artistic processing, structures created on the computer by the airbrush-technique. With its unique color-scheme and individual structuring, the observer is encouraged to be creative to obtain access to the message of the presentation. A colorgraphy with serial character arises from any computer graphic. The color scheme however occurs individually for every airbrushed page by hand. Therefore every colorgraphy is unique.


Artwork by Norbert