Mati Russo was born in Brooklyn, NY on July 28, 1956. From her earliest years she painted on whatever canvases were available. She painted seasonal murals and window displays for local businesses. She continued to study and refine her abilities during high school. As a young adult she toured the country as a model, and went on to create a name for herself in the fitness industry. For 30 years she worked with clients as diverse as academic, and medical leaders of the community. She starred in her own public access fitness show, and was a pioneer in the field of health and fitness. Always involved in charitable causes, she led multiple running events for various charities and organizations, including the survivors of the 9/11 attack on the world trade center. Even at the peak of her career in fitness, Mati always maintained a deep connection to her art, designing children’s and adult garments as well as stage wear for major rock and roll performers. She continued to paint privately commissioned works during this time, including murals. Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2007, Mati put her entire focus on establishing her ability as an abstract artist, creating new works in a variety of styles which represent a culmination of her life’s work as a life-loving artist, holistic fitness professional, and humanitarian. Her work can be seen here, and in studios in and around the greater Los Angeles area.

Artwork by Mati