Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe has concentrated his oil painting with the reduction of the colours to black white contrasts “Chiaroscuro” to which he some times adds a few specific coloured accents. In his graphic appearing and often surrealistic artworks he plays with the perspective. Playfully he works with this and a specific use of light and shade contrasts. He lets the three aspects of symbolism and mysticism flow into his works, to which he adds a defamiliarization of the contours. Not only visual surreal space is created on the canvas but also portraits of famous personalities.

"I would like to cause a spatial depth in my works, which plays with the apparent three-dimensional effects. The gaze of the observer shall be first drawn to the middle of the picture and only later to expand to the outer areas of the work."  

It’s the photo realism and the fine detail in the works which draws the observer into its spell.

Artwork by Ken