Johanna Renate Wöhlke
aka Cosia Immerscheen
EGGart signifies a ludicrous way to operate with the egg as a material basis to create digital graphics – but it is not quite sure in any moment whether I am doing something with the egg or the egg is doing something with me… In the first case, I am the creatress of EGGart, in the second one the egg itself is the focus of art. Anyway – all who perceive EGGart should make their own decision! All in life develops between to be or not to be, between mystery and knowledge, between truth and non – perception, knowingly I don`t say lie. For me – all this is mirrored and reflected within the female mystery of the little egg. It gives to me the opportunity to play in a ludicrous way with the fantastic secrets of life and growing in life. For me it is a creative gift and a universal symbol of life and womanliness and…sense of humour!
Artwork by Johanna