Annette du Plessis
Port Elizabeth
South Africa
Creative thinking has been a natural aspect of my life since earliest recollection. I remember vividly as a 5 year old how I used to build installations on the banks of the river, where my extended family had a farm.
I had so many questions about life already and was specifically intrigued by the universe, animals, plants, and the difference between the various types of people on the farm (it was during apartheid years and racism was rife). 

Sadly - my dad had a problem with unpredictable anger outbursts and I feared him tremendously. 

I think I became quite "developed" creatively because art in a way was a means to escape and live in another world - where I needed no additional friends - and no additional love. 

At the age of 17 after I nearly died in a serious accident - I came under the awesome and loving power of God. General apects about my life began to fall into place and I realised that my suffering and abuse evaporated totally and completely in the presence of God. 

I am however far from living a real godly life - yet I know that the creative energies within me - are not of my own - but run through me because of God's choice into and through my life - and I am so grateful for this blessing - I am learning about deeper meanings of existance - as I go along expressing deep yearnings and thoughts that spontaneously well up inside... 

I do my art without any prior planning - for me it is essential that I empty myself of myself - and allow my senses to pick up and spill out sounds and patterns and movements from the unseen world. I "hear music" as I do art and I feel " creative movements through my mind" like dancing patterns. This happens away and at the canvas. 

My desire is that viewers should interact with "my" artwork and that they find solace - that they be provoked to become better people - filled with love and compassion for others.
Artwork by Annette